Learning how to deal with common dryer problems is not easy.  You will  often need to hire professionals to both diagnose and fix the problems your dryer has.

And what is the most common dryer problem?

  1. The Dryer Doesn’t Turn On

Putting clothes in a dryer and turning it on is something most people do every day. What happens when you go to your dryer and it won’t turn on? The first thing you need to do in this situation is contact professional repairmen. Once these professionals arrive, they check a number of things in an attempt to pinpoint the cause of this problem. The first thing an appliance repair professional will check in a situation like this is the circuit breaker that powers the dryer. If this breaker has been tripped due to a power surge, it will shut off immediately.

2. The  Dryer Has Excessive Noise

what is the most common dryer problem

If you start to notice your dryer making squeaking, humming or thumping noises, you need to call in a professional to take a look. If the dryer is making a thumping noise, it could be due to broken glides.

Any home  appliance repair professional will also check the condition of a dryer’s blower wheel and the drum support roller when trying to pinpoint the cause of this noise. If either of these components is damaged, an appliance technician can replace them in a hurry.

3. The Dryer Doesn’t Tumble Correctlydryer repair near me

When the dryer stops tumbling, you need to spring into action to avoid delays in your household duties.

A broken belt can cause a dryer to stop tumbling. If the belt is not making the drum rotate, it will be impossible to get clothes dry and free of wrinkles. Due to the complexity involved in changing out a dryer belt, you have to hire professionals for this job. In some severe cases, this problem will be caused by a seized motor or other damaged support parts.

And don’t worry! If you cannot solve these problems yourselves, Express Appliance Services repairmen  can help you! Contact them and make an appointment!