Top Hacks To Try Before Booking A  GE Oven Repair

Why is the oven smoking?

Oven smoke is a fairly common issue. It’s an unpleasant symptom, but you will probably be able to address it by thoroughly cleaning your oven, range, and all the accessories. However, there is a small chance that a faulty component—such as a heating element that’s just about to burn out—could be the cause. In that case, the part will need to be replaced.

WHY WON’T MY OVEN HEAT UP?best GE oven repair near me

If your electric oven won’t heat up, you probably have a faulty heating element (either the baking element at the bottom or the broiling element at the top). You can replace the element yourself: simply turn off the power supply, grab your screwdriver, and unscrew it before installing the replacement part.  You can call a technician, however,  if your oven’s heating elements are hidden behind interior panels.

If your gas oven is cold, it’s usually the result of an ignition issue. This, too, can be fairly easily replaced as long as you can access the underside of the oven. It may require you to remove the storage drawer. Note that if both your oven and stove lack gas, you may have a gas line issue that requires an expert repair.


Loud pops or bangs are a serious issue or a harmless symptom! It all depends on when they occur. For instance, if you hear a loud pop during preheating, it might be the sound of the oven expanding as it heats. It could also be the sound of a metal tray or pan expanding if it was in the oven before preheating began.

For gas ovens specifically, a loud bang or pop is a potentially serious symptom if it happens in conjunction with delayed ignition. It’s the result of gas building up then suddenly igniting, causing a loud noise. This kind of issue requires professional attention.

WHY DOES GE OVEN SMELL LIKE GAS?GE home appliances repair Fresno CA

Apart from the first few moments after ignition—when a small amount of gas is released as part of that process, especially for older models—your gas oven should never smell of gas. If that initial odor doesn’t dissipate, turn the oven off, open some windows, shut off the gas supply, and call your gas supplier.