Bertazzoni Freno Prices



Food and cooking are essential elements of Italian family life. For more than 135 years, Bertazzoni’s beautifully engineered cooking appliances have helped people all over the world bring the best home-cooked food to the family table.

Bertazzoni believes that a kitchen is at the heart of every home. But it is also true that food is at the heart of every kitchen. The company is located in the Po Valley in the north of Italy.

Each Bertazzoni appliance is an elegant combination of form and function, technology and inimitable style. So these special finishes take this thinking to a new level. The designers and engineers were inspired by the flawless paintwork found on beautiful Italian sports cars, the metalwork and powder-coated finishes. Each finish goes with different series to complete a sophisticated and instantly recognizable look. Choose any home appliance! It will bring a unique touch to the look and style of your kitchen!

If you have any problems with Bertazzoni Appliance Repair, our professional technicians are ready to help you! Quality, reasonable prices and honesty!